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    manual (great lecture, I have read it during work break… and decide to buy another laptop with SSD and visit GOG :D)

    page 10: gray formula at the bottom of Perception: “(including base)”, should be “(above base)”. check page 28 its correct.

    page 23. could you change the picture to one without “BETA 2.3”

    page 36: quick inventory. One more picture of main screen here would be helpful.

    page 68-72: please [remove/edit in one place] “A curious mortal migh find many thing… examined with the knowldge of … select the object.. with the skill”. its repeat 6 times.

    page 84: Cocon blood titile.

    manual should provide information about HP, and amount you obtain with each stats.

    quick aptitude – showing in buff/aliments window six digits with aptitudes levels, skipping zero’s.
    UI: quick spell/skill could has roman numbers with current level mark at the icon.
    UI: new hot-key: cycle next character, cycle previous character

    bug: if you change hot key character – it doesnt change in pop-up hint text on the main screen – still show “Character (C)”

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