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    Azhi Dahaka

    Hello, I am having a lot of fun with this game but I am a bit perplexed by the pickpocketing mechanics :

    – First, it is quite hard to understand what exactly can and cannot be pickpocketed from a given character. Usually, you can’t take what they have equipped, but here, obviously, you can (the arbiter gear in my inventory is proof of that).
    So, I thought you could take everything in the inventory of one character and proceeded to verify that by first killing a certain character, checking what they dropped, and then reloading a save and pickpocketing them to check if it was a match.
    Apparently, it isn’t. For example, I killed Darius in Lumen Targ : he dropped a few items and some emeralds. When I pickpocketed him, I could get the aforementioned items, but not the emeralds. More strangely, I also got a cloak he had not dropped upon death. Is it supposed to be destroyed in the fight ? Furthermore, when I killed him after pickpocketing him, he dropped nothing, not even the emeralds I had not been able to steal.
    This is really confusing and, I think, in need of at least much clarification.

    – Second, I wonder about the combat application of pickpocketing. If I steal an arbiter’s shield, I expect him to not have it anymore when I fight him. But, his appearance doesn’t change (he is still holding a shield) and his armor class doesn’t change (according to philosophy). I also noticed that, if I save and reload, his equipment (as well as his position on the map) seems to have been resetted and I can pickpocket it again and again.
    That should be changed, I think, probably by making it impossible to pickpocket equipped gear (pickpoketing potions or ammo should already be a enough in terms of combat application) and by not having the inventory reset upon reloading.

    – Finally, as one previous contributor suggested, there should be information about whether you have not managed to steal something because of bad luck or because there is nothing more in your target’s inventory.

    Keep up the good work !

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