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    Arcane shield level 2 description says:

    “spell resistance skill mod roll: +1d(FullOcc + 2).”

    With occult 14, each time the spell procs it buffs spell resistance by something between +1d1 and +1d6, while I was expecting a constant +1d16. Even if what was meant by that description was “+1d(1d(FullOcc + 2))” — meaning the effect is randomised each time the spell procs, as for example with ethereal weapon — it still doesn’t add up as I never see anything higher than +1d6. The actual formula seems to be “+1d(1d(OccMod + 2))”.

    Also, possibly unrelated to the formula/description mismatch, but I have seen this spell report “sr buff +1d0” and even “sr buff +1d-2” in the combat log during a battle. Unfortunately, wasn’t fast enough to capture a screenshot.



    I’ve seen this problem before, it seems quite consistent with a number of spells and debuffs. I was running a support caster with an insane amount of occult, who rarely ever got off more healing than 7 with the tier three blood cocoon (whatever it’s called) type spell. I paralleled it with another caster that had access to tier three spells and far less occult points and the two saw VERY little, if any, variation.

    I think there may be either a mistake in the coding or a bug. From what I’ve seen and messed around with, the only consistently useful non-bugged supportive spell is amplify which breaks casual play into pieces if leveled enough. Granted it requires a sacrifice of a large number of points before it truly becomes insane, it would be nice to explore other options with the spells, combos, setups, and battle control.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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