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    We’ve updated some remaining kinks, notes below. This is currently up on Steam and our stand-alone version for updating, and GOG most likely Monday when they are back in the office.


    V.13 updates:


    • Various spelling/grammar updates for Inv items and dialogue
    • Targeting consistency with AI OFF updated – only targeted enemies will be attacked, rather than toggling an attack state. Also fixed various other fringe cases with targeting walk or enemies to follow through as expected.
    • Issue with Fuldea Mare crossing getting visually removed from overworld map fixed
    • Duke of Whales text conversation loop fixed
    • If stat numbers get too low they turned into decimals, fixed
    • Fixed potential issue with arrow count dropping to zero transitional or saving hiccup
    • Fixed issue with Gabi where she wouldn’t display correct dialogue if talked to prior to getting quest


    • SPELL [Morph into Fiend] displays appropriate game feed info on proc
    • SPELL [Siphon Poisons] game feed display updated
    • Fixed issue with Seismic Swing not displaying/working correctly
    • Fixed fringe issue when polymorphing while polymorphed or interaction and equipment not being usable again


    • Goblin King – removed instance where you could submit Necholai
    • Fixed ending scenario with companions being visual where they shouldn’t
    • Fixed a few various quest saving issues if saving/reloading during interactions [Bruul, Lumen Targ Constable, Kreel]
    • Kreel conversation issue in Hallowed Doors fixed
    • Fixed interaction issue with Bloodless prior to polymorph
    • Fixed an issue where there were two clickable locations for a corpse’s head on the ground in Lebez, now just the one is there and is easily clickable, the empty one made that difficult to get right
    • If traveling with certain requirements to Lev, only Southern guard gives XP as expected (removed Northern XP gain)
    • Fixed issue in Fuldea Mare crossing with the rope-use to descend where it removed >1, now just removes one to be used.
    • Nobility bookshelf in a Fuldea Mare Crossing Ruin fixed for use with 5 Nobility
    • Fixed visual issues with FOW visual size and night-effect if changing or selecting characters within inside/outside sub-maps during night or day. Visuals as expected now
    • Fixed issue with adding some Companions more than once or twice after removing (without binding)
    • Fixed loot issue where some enemies drop rates were too high (harvesters and some other various non-critical drops)
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