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    V.12 includes some UI enhancements along with some other minor issues corrected. Main Notes below:


    • Can now hotkey party members 1 – 5 for selection (available in HotKey Options menu)
    • Priority Balance:[SPELL] Amplify: initial casting potency reduced
    • Toggling AI button now automatically directs character appropriately on switch

    Minor Updates:

    • Various Spelling errors fixed
    • Issue with Sapphires racial trait for some merchants corrected
    • Removing a party member with allocated stats are now saved correctly when returned to party
    • [SPELL] Eclipse: Fixed an issue where it could stay on target after casting completed
    • UI issue with saving on overworld map removed
    • Padurii cave issue and Hallowed doors issue fixed a fringe case that could occur if saving and exiting or using puzzles (blocking the trigger)
    • PROF modifier now visually working correctly in all cases
    • Issues with some enemies not reacting to death in fringe cases of pausing/overloaded with stats, fix in place
    • Issues with some Companions not appropriately utilizing skills and spells when first entering party now corrected


    Nice patch, esp. the new ease of use features, but does that mean the grafitus bug is still in?



    The duplication issue you mentioned with that incantation we couldn’t reproduce, but thought it may be more an issue with the timing of ammunition saving in general. We updated that to be more optimized, but are unsure if that would fix the exact issue you’ve been seeing.



    With v12 the issue seems to have gotten worse for me. Now reloading or changing the map after equipping ammunition will make it disappear, unrelated to prior use of grafitus. I wonder if it’s a “legacy bug” as my game was started in v9 or v10. Happy to send you a save game to test with.



    It’s possible that it may be something old in there, we haven’t had this reported elsewhere. If you could send us a log file that would be terrific, we can check out what might be causing this for you. Our email is in our Contact page!



    F1-F5 FINALLY!! Thank you very much, now i could return to the game :)



    Solid patch. The party member hotkeys was the last big usability tweak that’s been consistently asked for.

    FWIW, I think you guys could more clearly telegraph to the player when an exit zone exits to the world map or another connected map. In Fallout 2, exit grids were green for local map transitions and red if they dumped you to the world map. I think that would be a nice addition.

    Also, mouse-wheel scrolling of the conversation history during dialogue is still busted in windows.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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