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    Patch 9 should finish off the remaining kinks we’ve seen and some of the other smaller ones, and includes a few more balance items and UI additions! Steam and patches are currently up, we’ve submitted to GOG, so they should upload it soon as well!

    If you do see any errors or fringe cases please let us know on our forums or Steam page and we’ll mark it down! We’ll be having a small UI update down the road with some of your suggestions that will take a bit more testing or weren’t a huge priority, like windowed mode in Windows to scroll properly (this is a universal Unity engine issue we’re looking into a workaround for) and some other requests for other camera movement or hotkeys.

    We’ll be continuing to balance leading up to the expansion as well, but this will be more sporadic going forward. Closer to that release we may add in any neat AI updates for new enemies onto some of these older ones (like new spells/skills and mechanics for them for grade 4, or other AI updates). More on that in the future.

    For those of you who purchased the art book, we’ll be having a KS update soon related to that (we’ll re-host here and Steam like usual), so stay tuned!

    Version 9 Updates:


    • Trap description update
    • Rune book requires a bit more precision, cannot be activated until returning to scene
    • Binding a character after they attempt to abandon you changes their portrait appropriately.
    • Soul bound companions, once dismissed, cannot be found again
    • Emerald Metalis barracks map could have issues when entering with full party, fixed
    • Harvester animations may not correctly play burrowing animation, fixed so it always plays
    • Bruul hostility fixed which could occur for some players
    • Various merchants in Rumin and Corem given more money (only occurs if you haven’t visited yet).
    • Some companions, when released, could be found again with duplicates and wrong inventories, fixed to have correctly saved inventory and without original clone
    • Hitting barrels no longer procs combat-starting skills
    • Less chance of enemies spawning near you upon load if in hostile area (unless you missed some in the grouping you are in/near)
    • Additional thieving imps added to various NPCs


    • Toggle added for running the game in background *if you’re experiencing memory allocation issues on Windows, advised to leave this turned off*
    • Magic Axe description updated to correct skill name it augments (Crushing Blow -> Seismic Swing)
    • Arrow keys to move camera now have hotkeys
    • Chain whip description updated with correct stats
    • Ringmail Coat: New — description update for correct stats
    • Various helms and rings updated with correct AS stat reflection
    • Attack speed number could display to a large decimal, fixed


    • Turn to Stone damage output changed in game feed: once proced it instantly kills target — no longer displays target’s health as damage
    • Poison Weapon damage reduction, but now includes any Skill points in Herbology Aptitude to give a flat bonus
    • Amplify visual effect positioned correctly
    • Shimmering Scales had chance to stack AC bonus, fixed
    • Searing Light effect could linger above enemy cast on it if interrupted, fixed


    theres something wrong with the patch, ive got the v8 atm, donwloaded the v9 from the game updater, copy pasted X64 files has always, run the patcher, and at the finish there is some kind of error, cant figure out whats the error because window closes to fast.

    Btw ive tryed to reinstall the game, same thing happens when updating. all the other patches i had installed previously worked fine.

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    Same problem.
    The error message is as follows
    ERROR: Patch file is incorrect: ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip.ZipException: Cannot find central directory at ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip.ZipFile.ReadEntries() [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0


    Joshua Davis

    Toggle added for running the game in background *if you’re experiencing memory allocation issues on Windows, advised to leave this turned off*

    I cannot find this in the settings. Is it something we have to activate outside of the game?




    Huh, yeah I agree. I’m also having a problem updating with the patch. I have the GOG version of the game.

    I think I’m getting the same error above as the other people, something about a zsharp or patch cannot be recognized – it’s too fast though for me to catch it.

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    Derek Teeuwsen

    are the offline builds updated yet?



    It looks like the server may have stalled getting the Windows patch up — just verified it and the patches should work as usual now.

    @ Derek Teeuwsen: Yes, the newest downloads are also currently available.

    @ Joshua Davis: This is in the general settings tab when you’re currently running a game (not in the main menu). This will save however once set.


    Derek Teeuwsen

    Yup they are at V9, now to wait for GOG to get it updated on their end.
    Yes I bought your game here and on GOG.

    I am weird like this.
    this is why I am poor.


    Travis Porter

    Appreciate all of the hard work you all are putting into addressing fixes and re-balancing! Have been waiting for the dust to settle to continue my playthrough, but am excited about getting back to what is looking like a great game.



    Thanks a lot, as always!

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