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    There’s a typo in the Faithful Lachovinian description during character creation. At the end it says “5d1 Phys DC and Spell DC skill mod when fiahtina humans”. I think fiahtina should be fighting.



    I think I’m starting a new game on patch 9 then, just to get the maximum out of my first playthrough.

    So glad you guys keep pumping out those patches.



    @ Agris: We got through everything we wanted to, and just need to do some final tests in the morning. After uploading it will probably be live in the afternoon/early evening on Steam/patches, and GOG the day after.



    finally gog have v8, unfortunately it doesn’t solve a bug that’s buggying me :(
    i fear i’ll have to restart a game, maybe after v9…

    al the merchant in lumen forten and targ have now totally empthy inventory.
    they started ok but after some buy and sell they now appear to have only 3 empty tabs, patch from 5 to 8 doesn’t solve it unfortunately



    I started getting a weird bug in this edition where every chest in the Ista Cale Consil, instead of opening, triggers the last conversation I had.



    @ OthelloNYC: We noticed there was another instance of this here, thanks for the heads up! This is corrected for 9, which is being uploaded now.

    @ mirkobern: We haven’t run across or heard this before — patching doesn’t affect the merchant inventory though. I’d say you could try just re-downloading the game instead of patching to give it a clean database, but the merchant info is in your saves now. We’ll look into what could have happened, it’s just for these first two areas, or this is the only places you’ve come across? Thanks!



    patching was the wrong term, because the patcher doesn’t run, I reinstalled the game every time a release arrived on gog…

    i have only explored those areas, and each of the 4 vendor after a few trading sessions gained an empty inventory.
    it happened last on v6 and likely before in v5 and likely even previously.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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