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    Update 8 went live earlier today, with the following additions and fixes to known issues. Included in this is enemies mid and late game with more challenging abilities and harder hitting attacks to match a savvier, more powerful Spicer and company. We’ve updated some spells and skills that needed it as well, and have listed them in the bottom section. We’ll continue to balance as we hear and see is needed to prep the high-level expansion starting areas down the road. *Note that some economy or world-changes such as that will only affect a new game, and not disrupt places you’ve already been to or anything.

    Steam and our patches area available since this morning, and if you’re waiting for GOG we’ll be sending that to them tonight when they get into the office. Our new downloadable builds will be up in ~6 hours.

    Additionally, the long awaited manual update and downloadable version is going to ready today, and we’ll announce when that is up! It will be packaged at GOG as well downloadable from the current Online Manual page.


    • Ending scenario which can cause characters not to move fixed
    • repeated tombstone in Lumen Targ fixed
    • Its Cale Moon Lord Shrine layering issue resolved
    • Camp water layering issue resolved
    • Fire imp random encounter now spawns correct enemies in the West
    • Re-entering areas through different entrances set you in correct position
    • Economy adjustment for sell prices and merchant purses
    • Lebez cellar exit easier to navigate to
    • During confrontation in Lebez someone could spawn over an object, resolved
    • Its Cale dresser that was bugged with trying to spawn dialogue now fixed
    • Bruul island raft now saves correctly visually
    • Bruul dialogue update
    • Kyrrilu from Emerald Mines now sells as intended
    • Mines superintendent now closes dialogue properly
    • Enemies will not cast Shimmering Scales on your party
    • Enemy spells could start in wrong location visually, fixed
    • Iele could be frozen when hit in some scenarios, fixed
    • Fuldea Mare layering issue on tower
    • Returning spice mission from Lev now grants reward
    • Untouchable objects in Lumen Cave near fields fixed
    • 2 chests found in Lebez that were not clickable now open as expected
    • Grigore of Rumin now sells wares via dialogue
    • Imps now have their attacking sounds in all scenarios
    • A few art layering issues in Corem resolved
    • Catalina convo may get interrupted in Ista Cale, fixed
    • When someone is walking toward you to commence dialogue, you cannot pause or quick save


    • Item description update to show stats on top.
    • Small portrait update
    • Emerald Mines map navigation map error resolved
    • progression to get from 3 to 4+ WPN Prof made smaller
    • WPN Prof reaching 9 stars now shows correctly
    • updated minimap FOW to display cleaner
    • Moving units now stop when paused
    • Margarita now conducts conversation when intended
    • Mod numbers for CS properly reflect item deduction/enhancements
    • Mod numbers for CS go to shorter decimal now
    • Meads and torches in early areas may not stack, fixed
    • Dressers in Lumen Targ that were inoperable should now in all circumstances
    • Gems: removed numbers next to them in inventory
    • Two low-tier wands averrable have updated descriptions with more info
    • Can now open the Incantation Book from the quick-inventory
    • Can now cast spells when targeting portraits right when you enter a level
    • A handful of map’s camera boundaries for the overworld map were too wide, fixed


    • resolved issue with pausing during spell-proc and having cast speed set to 0
    • Skill Strafe: no longer shows up in their hover description if they recently took damage from it
    • Skill Poison Weapon: appropriate damage reduction
    • Spell Arcane Attack: increased damage output
    • Spell Eclipse: reduction, online tables being updated soon with newest information
    • Skill Shield Bash: applies item AC to damage appropriately in all scenarios now
    • Skill Concentrate: no lunger duplicated in character sheet
    • Disabled traps turn into disabled trap art, instead of just disappearing now
    • Wolf Form doing intended damage now
    • Some de-buff incantations resolved when it could land on caster instead of target
    • Imp stolen stats now count towards unlocking tiers of Spell and War books


    I like the following:

    “Re-entering areas through different entrances set you in correct position.”
    Was confusing before so this helps a lot.

    “Economy adjustment for sell prices and merchant purses.”
    Does this mean merchants get emeralds back so can we sell more? Merchants always seem to have no money.

    “When someone is walking toward you to commence dialogue, you cannot pause or quick save.”
    That should solve a lot of problems.

    “Item description update to show stats on top.”
    Nice little change.

    “WPN Prof reaching 9 stars now shows correctly.”
    Hopefully this will fix the menu showing a very long bar.

    I will check later.



    Sweet, thanks for the quick update. You and your wife must be working extremely hard, I’m sure.

    I’m very excited for an expansion. Are we going to see a new landmass with the expansion? Maybe perhaps into one of the areas above the map?



    Thank you, Joe. I was waiting for this one.



    Thanks! Yes, we’re excited to be getting these patches and balance updates out for you all, should be as smooth as ever after this next one!

    The narrator at the beginning/end of the game gives you a clue as to the location of the expansion and the focus of it, but we did also announce it during the Kickstarter. It takes place within the Lachovinian Isles, if you talk to certain characters or know some of the lore of the East from the game you could discern who the potential focus is.

    So it’s a completely new set of areas with lush (warmer) maps, and you’ll have a small ship for some Odyssey-like island hopping. It’s taking the best puzzles and elements from the main game, and from what we’ve heard people liking the most now, and amplifying it for a big fun finale.

    We’ll do an expansion trailer when we get closer to releasing it!



    I have to say that I’m extremely impressive with the way you handle these bugs and fixes. The constant updates with numerous fixes really make this game shine even more. It was a bit rough but right now it’s shaping up to be an hidden gem. Let’s hope more people will eventually play this.

    I’ve created threads about this game on various forums and I keep streaming it. I’m really enjoying it right now and am fairly optimistic about the future. Keep up the marvelous work guys!



    Thanks for keeping the updates coming! I really appreciate your effort, and I know this game is going to become better with each passing update!



    I think I might just start a new game, I believe I’m mid game and the game is quite easy, also I had some weird issues so having a fresh start might be neat.


    Derek Teeuwsen

    Wait you guys now update your downloadable builds in addition to the online updater? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?



    Estaría muy bueno que puedan implementar el juego en español probé el demo y vi varios gameplay y esta muy bueno lo compraría pero no se ingles y no entendería nada de la historia, por lo menos por ahora si pueden hagan una traducción con un traductor por lo menos para que se entienda algo no creo que sea el único con este problema si lo podrían implementar estaría comprando el juego, Gracias.



    waiting for it!

    gog still not updated, and the patcher scritp still not functioning on my linux :(



    “WPN Prof reaching 9 stars now shows correctly.”
    This did fix the weird bar issue.

    The game seems to load faster each patch or maybe I am just more use to it.



    I think it does load faster, though that’s just my subjective feeling.



    Thanks everyone! After patch 9 updates should certainly slow down, and we can get to some community ideas for UI additions and any other odd issue that comes up, though most noteworthy kinks will be gone. Appreciate everyone’s patience!

    @ Derek Teeuwsen

    We’ve been doing this since the first one! They usually are up after we get the GOG ones up, so ~10 hours or so after our patch/Steam. Lately they’ve been going faster, which is I believe due to our internet provider finally replacing the spaghetti that was used as our internet connection lines with actual cables.

    @ mirkobern

    Interesting, they must not have gotten it up on their Monday, usually they have been day-of when we send it before they get in. It should certainly be up tomorrow along with the manual download in the package area, check for it then! We’ll be able to focus into why some Linux users are having issues with the patcher after v.9 is out.



    Do you have an ETA on patch 9?

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