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    So my party fights a bunch of natives and gets enough XP to get to level 12; three of my characters light up with skill points and I do my builds as appropriate. Two of my characters–Catalina and one of my created characters–do not. Looking at their character screens, they’re both at exactly 90000/90000XP. Gaining more XP pushes them over the line, but it doesn’t seem to register that it’s time for them to level up.




    Hi, sorry to hear that happened, we haven’t heard or seen this before, that EXP definitely should register (or register on reload if there was some fringe error in the moment). We’ll dig into this to see what might have happened though, thanks for letting us know. Regrettably if everything else is functioning fine there won’t be any evident, persistent errors we can see in your files.

    If you have a save prior to that level up you could try netting exp again to level 12 and see if it works.



    Has there been a solution to this problem? everyone but the 5th person in my party was unable to level up after a random encounter with natives at level 4 almost 5.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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