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    V.11 includes user requested UI additions for ease-of-use and a slew of other minor updates. Steam available, patches up, and full-games available for standalone download shortly, and we’ve submitted it to GOG, so they should be getting in tomorrow:

    UI addition/suggestions:

    • Updated Spellbook and Warbook with procing information (numbered the every “X”)
    • Selecting [existing] save field no longer has blank save slot name
    • Tooltip updates for AI functionality update to reflect states (passive, aggressive, off)
    • AI-off — targets now continue to attack targets
    • Nobility crests ease-of-use update for various functionality, brainwashed now follow you longer
    • Racial traits now visually display in game feed when used, not just character sheet
    • Incantation ease-of-use update: curses now show up in game feed!
    • Rally and other on-start Warbook skills now even easier to use – now trigger when a character just attacks target (swings or shoots missile).
    • Missile damage additions now show up in Physical Damage
    • Traps now have a hover state for easier selecting when disarming

    Other/Minor updates:

    • Ethereal weapon now adding [INT] mod where intended
    • Philosophy stat-check skill could display stacked amounts of stats for enemies if continually checked, fixed to display relevant only
    • post-polymorph armor set may not (visually) return as normal, fixed
    • Incantation for citrine now working as intended
    • Backup if something occurs wrong during saving/loading for NPC inventories – critical items will now always verify on load
    • A couple items could be ‘consumed’ if right clicked that shouldn’t have been, fixed
    • Various item description updates to reflect stats
    • Couple modifier issues with Zana Spell fixed
    • Cat and Bat Polymorph spell descriptions updated
    • Autopause now works with NPC’s that turn hostile during conversation
    • Darius’s fox now loads in correctly if saved nearby
    • Some traps didn’t save correctly before or after discovery, fixed
    • Companion Notol gains relevant XP like other companions when joining party
    • Fixed issue when polymorphing at the end of the game
    • Various art-tweaks and layering in maps
    • A dresser in Orf’s Bridge Inn now locked appropriately


    Great update Joe! Nobility tweaks are much appreciated. :)



    Nice, you can’t keep a good Spicer down!

    edit: Joe, you should post these to steam under the Recent Updates. People will be impressed when they see how often you’re updating the game.

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    I second the updates on Steam.

    Can we get a description of how Rally and I assume things like Fuming are “easier to use”? Were they only activating on a successful hit before, resulting in things not seeming like they’re activating?



    Sure thing, we’ll put this one up on Steam. Our list of update material is down to suggestions and some other super minor things we’ve noticed, so that might be a bit before a new update is out.

    @ Dark – On starts originally started when combat was activated (someone being targeted or a player targeting), and then we changed it to be when the character hit a target. Folks were noticing they could utilize it more effectively if the skill started when the character actually started to hit, instead of right before. That required them to hit though, and missing wouldn’t proc it. So now we have it changed for when your first attempted hit, landing or not, is activated on a target. There were a few other small issues with some activating under odd circumstances which have been fixed, so the way the work should be much more apparent and easy to work with now.



    Hey Joe, did you intend to keep Claudiu’s wardobe in the inn in Orf’s Bridge to be unclaimed? He still has no problem if we raid it. The potions are good, and the gameplay in Lumen Forten seems to imply that people in a room in an inn should take exception to us going through their shit.



    There are quite a few dressers where people don’t care if you steal contents. While some have ‘owners’, this was more of a design to just test your chances to see if you can open things.



    thanks for the update!

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