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    Hey there everyone!

    One thing I’ve seen pop up a lot is people asking for a guide to help them start out with the game. I got tired of friends constantly asking me what they should do at the start of the game, so I decided to pack it neatly into one Thread. Suggestions are welcome, and I might expand this if people like it.

    Let’s get started then!

    As you hopefully gathered from the beginning of the game and the manual (Read it! It helps!), you are a god stranded in the mortal plane. In a common mortal body no less. The higher goal of the game is to figure out what happened and how to get back to your domain. Put that into the back of your head somewhere, so you don’t forget what you’re actually doing in the Staglands.

    A few basic hints before we go into the initial Walktrough:

    – Quicksave. All the time. After every Encounter, before every encounter. Before you enter caves, new maps or fishy-looking areas in general. The standard assigned key for this is Q. So remember that and use it liberally.
    – The Journal. SitS does not have an automated Quest- or Note-tracking system. So if you get important Info, a job, or find an interesting area, it’s worth to write it down in your Journal. This is especially vital if an area proves to difficult for you and you want to come back later. Make a note of the location and what you saw there. And maybe why you wanted to go there in the first place. It will come in handy in the long run!
    – You will die. A lot. This is a oldschool RPG, meaning that Fun has to be wrestled from the cold dead hands of your foes. Even a common Fox can tear trough an unprepared party. It’s important to be patient, and accept that you will have to reload and try again some times.
    – Combat is based on rolls. So there IS a little luck involved. If at first you dont suceed, just try again once or twice. Sometimes you just got unlucky the first time.
    – Pay attention to the world and it’s details. You might miss loot or interesting Lore by not paying attention. Read Item descriptions and books / documents at least once. They might conain hints on treasure, quests or new locations. Talk to everyone you meet and don’t forget to make notes in your Journal about anything you learn.

    Got everything? Allright, then let’s jump into the game.

    Lumen Temple, Character / Party creation

    We begin the game in a temple, where you can create your character. This is something that will differ from player to player. It’s your decision if you’d rather play a warrior, a mage, a hunter or whatever it is you’d like to play as. I personally went with a mage, as they stand in the back line. When your character dies, it’s game over. So I didnt want him in the front lines.

    After you create your own Character, Elien will ask you if you wish to create Avatars. They are basically generated partymembers, that you can stick together. It’s completely possible to start the game alone, or with a party of 5 people including our own character. I heavily recommend that Newcomers generate at least 2 Avatars. Starting the game alone makes it a lot harder than it allready is. Why 2 you ask? There are two companions sitting in the temple, who can be recruited. So with you, two Avatars, and those two companions, we’d have a full party. If you dont want pesky NPC’s messing up your party of pimpin’ Avatar’s yo, you can ignore them and just create your entire party on your own.

    The two companions inside the temple are:

    Vilhelm, who throws Elixirs as a weapon, has the Woodwise Aptitude on Level 1, and is able to place Explosive Traps. You’ll find him in the first room, next to some tables.

    Cataina, a Warrior who starts out with decent Equipment (Axe and Shield), and the skills bash and Shield mastery. She stands outside of Lumen Temple, and is hard to miss since she’s wearing a shield and an axe.

    I skipped Vilhelm myself, because he didnt sound to interesting. I gladly took Cataina tough, and I recommend Newcomers take her as well, as she actually has some gear, compared to our party. Having her around makes the initial encounters easier and allows us to get some decent gear without too much trouble.

    About aptitudes
    As I pointed out, Vilhelm starts out with one point in Woodwise. And you can assign one of your two initial points on your generated characters on aptitudes as well. They represent skills and knowledge in different fields, and can be useful in a lot of situations. For example, a character with some point in Nobility might be treated better by certain people of rank and title. It usually pays to have at least one character with some points in one aptitude, until your party covers all of them. I wouldnt go overboard tough, as they are situational and for starting out, we want to focus on survival. For Newcomers, I’d recommend leaving aptitudes out for now and getting them later, on Level 2 or 3.

    Getting some gear

    The first, and probably most important thing, is getting some armor and weapons for your party. Even small Encounters could kill our fresh party, since they are running around with barely anything but their clothes on. The first step is to thouroughly search the Temple. Open Cupboards to check what’s inside. You should find at least a Kitchen knife, some food, and an iron helmet inside the Cupboards. Also pick up Vilhelm, if you plan to take him along.

    Be careful not to steal anything in plain sight tough. NPC’s will warn you once when you attempt to open or take something, that belongs to them. If you then continue to mess around with their stuff, they will turn hostile. You might be able to gang up on one NPC, but if multiple people in the Temple turn on you, it might get ugly.

    After you pilfered trough the Temple, it might pay to visit the storekeeper. He’s straight down from the point where you started the game, inside a storage room. He sells basic supplies, that might be useful to us. He sells Frying pan’s, for example, which can serve as a basic weapon (Yeah, laugh all you want!). Spend your Emeralds on these pans, or anything else you might consider useful. There’s not much we can save up for at the moment, so feel free to spend the money you have.

    Leaving the temple

    Now, we have some… “basic” gear. There’s a good chance most of your party is still running around basically naked, with only their fists to defend themselves. We cant hide from the scary outside forever tough, so after you’ve talked to everyone in the temple, and searched each room at least once, leave the temple. The Exit is in the second room (Walk right from the starting point), at the bottom of the big hall.

    You will be greeted by a rather lengthy loading screen. So make doubly sure you got your bearing before proceeding. Elein waits outside and hands you some documents. As you can see, we will pose as a Spicer while on this mortal plane. Make sure you read the documents at least once. You will also get a Map and some pointers on where you could head to resolve the grand mistery of us being trapped here. Take note of them, and write them down in your Journal if necessary.

    Outisde Lumen Temple, we can spot farms, some settlers, and finally, Cataina. Again, I recommend picking her up. She makes a very decent tank in these early stages. Speaking of tanking, let’s talk about combat.

    As you hopefully know from reading the manual (DO IT!), combat can be paused. In the top right of the screen, you ahve three books, from where skills, spells and aptitudes can be quickly accessed. At this stage of the game, your Wariors and Hunters will only have access to very basic abilities, depending on how you spent your skillpoints. Assign them to the quickslot nonetheless.

    Your Mages are a little more interesting at this point. You will note that you have access to all spells of the first grade (unlocked by having points in either Int or Occ), even if you didnt spend any points in them. One important spell I want you to remember, is Blood Cocoon. It’s a basic healing spell, that can be channeled on a target. You can use it to heal your party in between encounters, or even while in actual combat. I had good success with one mage investing points into Blood Cocoon, and keeping it channeled on whoever is taking a beating. The other spells CAN be useful, but since they’re on Level 0, don’t expect any Gandalf-Esque wonders to go down. Once you get some points in certain spells, they’ll become massively more useful.

    Things to do in the initial area

    You will find mostly Goblins, Foxes and some Wolves around. Advance carefully and try to pull them out one at a time, and you wont have many problems with these basic enemies. Still, Quicksave regularly to avoid frustration. The Goblins will drop Kitchen Knifes and Fungi. The first make decent starting weapons so your party doesnt have to keep using their fists to fight. The second can be consumed from your inventory, to restore some health. This can be useful when Blood Cocoon is not cutting it against stronger enemies. Foxes and Wolves will drop edible hearts, which also serve as a consumeable healthitem.

    The top half of the map has mostly trees and some cliffs. You can clear the area out pretty comfortably, as long as you’re careful. In the top left, you will find a hollow tree stump. This can be tricky. Mages can transform into cats, to enter the tree, where they will find an enemy (Wont spoil it for you, it’s the leadup for a Quest). You might have to try a couple times until your mage/s are able to kill the inhabitant. But once you manage to do it, take the Loot he drops and climb back up. Remember to take notes in your Journal, in case you want to come back later.

    The bottom half of the map has mostly Foxes. One point of interest, and our doorway to some decent gear, is a bandit hideout hidden amongst the wood. There are 3 Bandits in total, and a frontal assault is suicide. So park your Party some ways away from the house, and then use Cataina to lure out one Bandit at a time. Remember that you can use spells like heat metal to hinder the combat ability of the Bandits, and Blood Cocoon to keep your tank healthy. You might have to reload a couple times, but once you manage to kill the Bandits, you will be rewarded with some basic armor, ranged weapons, ammo, and even a sword. Don’t forget to check the house and cellar as well!

    With armor and weapons at our disposal, you’re allready well on your way to play further on your own. Encounters should now be easier, that you’re frontline has some protection. Don’t get overconfident tough. The tactic of luring single enemies out is still the safest route to victory.

    After ridding the world of these criminals, we’re almost done with the area. Head south towards the exit. You’ll have to kill a couple animals on the way. But with the gear we got, they shouldnt pose much of a threat. Shortly before reaching the exit, you will be greeted by another NPC. At this point, I want to point out that you can assault and kill NPC’s at your leisure. If there arent any witnesses, you can get away with it too! If the guy on the road seems fishy to you, or you just dont like his face, feel free to introduce him to the pavement. If you dont murder people, because some weird guy on a Forum told you to, just move along and leave the Area.

    Lumen Targ

    We’re almost finished with our introduction! Lumen Targ is the first settlement you arrive at. There are lot’s of people to talk to, and quite a few things to find. As a farewell-gift, I want to teach you two more things.

    First, about Guards. While they can be pesky, and will fine you if you have certain spices in your inventory, they CAN be very useful. Guards will attack wild animals and criminals they spot, and can thus help you with difficult encounters. If you want an example of this, walk to the market square and then turn right. You’ll find a Constable next to a Bounty Board. The Constable is an officer of the law, just like the Arbiters patrolling the streets. Just south of him, there’s a little shack, whose inhabitants will attack you if you enter. Quicksave, and then drag them to the Constable or the Arbiters in the settlement. The Guards will come to your aid, making combat much easier.

    The second thing, is using aptitudes. You will find that the Constable is unwilling to talk to you about his prisoner. If you have a character with the Harbinger Aptitude however, he will suddenly reveal much more information. For another use of an aptitude, one of the Villager’s is annoyed by a Fox in his backyard. You can either just kill the animal, or use the Harbinger aptitude to tell the Fox to go away. There are many more uses for these aptitudes. Linguistics can be used to talk to people, monsters and the like, that would otherwise not be understandable. Woddwise can be used in the wilderness or on animals. Philosophy on Books, Writings and the like. Nobility and Harbinger might come in handy when talking to certain folk. And so on and so forth.

    Once you hit Level 2, I recommend getting a few of those aptitudes. They might open up new ways to deal with situations, or help you out in a bind.

    This concludes the basic Beginners Guide. I hope it helps out Newcomers to the game, and makes life a little easier for them. Feel free to give Feedback!



    Thanks a lot for this. Guess I’ve grown accustomed to having my hands held by games cause I’m really lost. Now at least I’ll have something to work with.



    Thank you very kindly for this, I’m loving the challenge of learning the game but I wont say not to a well written guide. Thanks!



    Thanks. This is perfect.

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