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    I think I have found all locations, but I am stuck as to what to do:
    Lumen Targ – cleared
    Lumen Wilderness – cleared
    Woods Edge – cleared
    Lebez – cleared
    Rheamus Farms – cleared (lots of spiders)
    Tower – cleared
    Rumis Consil – completed
    Lev Consil – completed
    Orf’s Bridge – completed
    Emerald Metalis Consil – Completed
    Camp – completed
    Coastal Clearing – completed
    Hallowed Grove – emptied several rooms except Harvester
    Emerald Mines – can’t enter mine and can’t kill Harvesters
    Rumin Moon Lord Shrine – spirits kill party
    Tratis Saltis Bog – cleared except NW corner & found silver sword
    Lumber Yard – killed after using raft. No matter what I do, the two advesaries focus on the magic users and kill them within seconds
    Ista Cale Consil – can’t see counsiler, can’t open door to consiler, long walkway going nowhere

    I seem to be stalemated. The only areas still available to me I don’t seem to be able to get into. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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