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    Hi guys,

    So I’ve just finished the conversation with Octavian. And I am like, what ? I have so many questions. Why can’t I decline the offer ? I mean this is a role playing game, I should be able to choose whatever I think is right. I can understand the temptation of valuing your own god’s life over the mortals, but come on… The whole ending is like I don’t know what is happening because it’s so suddenn and bullshit at the same time.
    + after the conversation my companion Catalina turned over against me, and I couldn’t click to attack her or to do anything… It’s a bug in the very ending of the game, kinda ruined the overall feeling.

    Moreover – I’m feeling right now, like you can finish this game completely by accident. If you just decide to do left side of the map first, you will practically finish it without anything to do with the right side of the map. You don’t even need the Hallowed Grove’s rune blackboards, because you can open the third lighthouse so easily.

    And where is the late game of this game ? I was thinking like maybe you will enter some other dimension, and you will have to fight your way through some evil, stronger monsters and eventually you will face the final boss. And in reality, there was no final boss ! You could not fight Octavian. I didn’t even know why am I fighting those soldiers in Lev, and if I could do anything to came through peacefuly. But I guess I couldn’t, so searching for a safe way would be pointless I guess.

    I’ve been in every location on the map I think, I tried every corner of the map, and the only location I couldn’t enter was Emerald Metalis mines, is there anything interesting ?
    And what about those caves with Rune Pillars ? I’ve entered 2 of them and got the same journal notes in both of them and I couldn’t do anything with it. Is there anything more to it ?
    And I remember this monster on the kickstarter update:
    Can you actually encounter this monster in the game ?
    I am still feeling like I’ve left many things behind, but I just don’t seem to know where to look for it.
    I am waiting for some walktrough video on youtube, or some solution to see what could I do different.

    Anyway, I’ve played this game for over a week and I really have enjoyed it very much. Except the ending…

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    Just to clarify – this game is excellent and I kind of highlighted only my dissapointment in the above post, but putting that aside, the game is terrific.
    The game animations, monster concepts are fascinating. This game was a great eexperience, however it gets ruined a little because of the ending, or the lack of it.
    And what is more important – in all my honesty I could not recommend this game to someone who would be less hyped for this kind of games, than me. Because he would eventually get dissapointed.
    Oh well, waiting for an expansion !



    On the second thought, I’m not waiting for an expansion, because of how bullshit it all ended. It’s like I don’t want to play as Nicholai anymore ;d



    There actually should a way to enter Lev safely. There’s a note from the Tower that mentions to wear a horned helmet to go through Lev. The problem is where to find the horned helmet?



    Seriously though, I agree with all of your complaints about the ending. It was jarring, poorly executed and like many things in the game, not properly gated. Also, I got into Lev by using the letter from the spicer in Rumin when you accept his smuggling quest.

    Are there other endings or is there no point to doing anything else?

    Pretty disappointed.



    So few quests were even linked together, that I doubt if there is anything changing the final scene dramatically. Even if you explore the Wandering Lady’s hall, seeing her dead, you seem like not to know about that while talking with Octavian at the end. You’re like, who’s the Wandering Lady again ?

    I feel like many of the existing areas should be scrapped, and instead of many pointless locations (like the city after Tratis Saltis – was there anything to do ? I didn’t get any quest there), they should have add some real end game with a boss fight. I mean, there is a lot of fighting in this game, why rob everyone from doing some last, epic battle ?



    I wonder if it is possible to get a different ending.
    I got the (bad) ending where I agreed to Octavian’s demand too.

    But I wonder if I met the following conditions if I would have gotten a different ending:

    1. No soulbinding companions.
    2. Didn’t give balm to Natives or warned them ahead of time with high Linguistics skill.
    3. Entered Lev peacefully
    4. Did something for Erlein?



    Its possible to get a different ending and start a bloodless breeding program (laught my ass off).


    The Louis

    I got the same ending… but I was wondering about the soul binding part of the dialogue. Maybe, the avatars you create are soulbinded by default.

    About Erlein’s Fate, has anyone made inside the shipping building by a peaceful way? I tried polymorphed into a wolf but the NPCs were agressive and they initiated a dialogue even with the other PCs far away from the building. Maybe you are suposed to avoid Erlein’s death somehow.

    Related to the Natives diplomacy mission. I had a PC with linguistics lv5 and had a dialogue option where I could deliver the poison and warn them not to trust the counselor of emerald metalis. However, when I got to the wandering lady temple all the natives were dead, but it may be related to the opposing factions of natives mentioned on the wandering lady journal, who knows… Another thing related to the Emerald Metalis region, I found an area with just a Totem, runes and a circle of skulls, anyone knows what do make of it?


    The Louis

    Alright, I managed to get the “good” ending. First, I metagame’d the whole game and got to Ista Cale end area by doing the following:

    1) No avatars, as I thought that they would count as soulbound PCs
    2) Went straight to the wandering lady shrine with the help of polymorth Ruxandra to get the 4000exp reward to level up nobility and linguistics
    3) Went back to Emerald Metalis Consil to get the Poisonous Balm from the counselor
    4) Went to Corem to get the letters from Erlein’s body and confront the shipping guildmaster to no avail. (Should also mention that I vroskrife’d the Vykin Crest from Boguslav, this item would help very much on pretty much everything from now on)
    5) Headed to Rumin to get the letter to enter Lev peacefully
    6) Got the information about Octavian from Mya. (Also found a bug around this NPC, if you go straight to her without going to Erlein’s body first the dialogue would be empty)
    7) Inside Fuldea Mare polymorphed and vroskrife’d all the keys and important items.
    8) Got the crank from the Ista Cale mannor peacefuly and didn’t do anything about the imprisioned counselor.
    9) Final dialogue had wider options than before and I could chose to fight Octavian. (However I found another bug here… if you start the conversation polymorphed at the end of the conversation, even if I choose to fight him, the game would briefly pause and play the ending sequence)

    And the ending sequence was the same, only diference was that the boat had Serafim (companion) and me, and this time there was a narrator reading the ending text.

    Even if the ending “movie” was the same I am a lot more happy with my ending lol



    Wow, that is great there is also a good ending. I mean, Necholai is not drowning the Corem in this ending, is that right ?

    Also, thank you for sharing this, I’ve been waiting for a comment like that for a long time : )

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    I also was bothered by the way the game ended, mainly because the way the conversation with Octavian goes down. Honestly I think it is a missed opportunity to more deeply implement the conversation system. It would have been very interesting to see dialogue used as a mechanism of confrontation in the form of an argument, basically having the player as Necholai try to defend himself against Octavian’s accusations and perhaps have a sort of philosophical debate. I felt really deprived of the chance to make a case for my character, especially because a few of the things Octavian accused me of I didn’t actually do. And if we have to go along with Octavian’s characterization of Necholai as cold and merciless, I don’t see why we couldn’t just be stubborn and attack the guy anyway. I sincerely hope they revise that scene in the interest of fleshing it out a bit more.



    I also finally beat the game and I didnĀ“t like the only one option answer, though I liked the philosophycal conversation a lot and hope the expansion has more dialogues like that!



    Really wish the developer would comment on this.

    I really love this game and I even like the general idea about how the ending works and how it tells you everything you did wrong to get the good ending. That’s a brilliant idea.

    However, the execution of how to get there is quite bad:

    1. If I get blamed for killing robbers, why is there no dialogue option to convince them not to attack me? Or rather: There are such options they just don’t work even if I have maxed my aptitudes.

    2. If I get blamed for rotting out the goblin village, why is there no way to get the Goblin King to let me leave without a fight?

    3. If avatars count as soulbound and make the good ending impossible, why doesn’t the game mention that creating avatars is something bad early on? Just one sentence like “I can sacrifice these humans caught stealing during the festival to create some soulless avatars to aid you” would have been enough.

    4. If not being nice to Mya triggers the bad ending, why don’t I get the option to be nice to her, even though I never said anything offensive to her (I even had the spice she wanted but she never gave me the chance to give it to her). Why can’t I say “It’s great finally meeting my granddaughter, I’m sorry what happened to your mother.” – why don’t I even benefit from having left her mother with good memories?

    5. Sometimes the dialogue options are different but it’s impossible to tell why. I assume you need certain items in your inventory to get them? But inventory is limited so it’s very hard to keep every piece of paper you found. Why isn’t it enough to just have read them? I knew already who the wandering lady is, I already knew of Orethalion and Mya, I already assumed they are my grandchildren. Yet no dialogue options to even say that.

    I understand that you can’t make every dialogue depending on every other dialogue in the game as that raises the complexity too high, but then at least allow to select all possible dialogue options regardless. After all, don’t forget that a normal player can’t tell what arbitrary detail you need before talking to some person ahead of time.

    A good example is the poison and the natives. When I was asked to poison the natives I agreed so nobody else does it, then I went to the natives to warn them, but you won’t even get the option. They will attack you because you haven’t brought any present. How should I know as a player know that beforehand? This kind of forces you to save scum in the game all the time.

    6. Related to the above, often the dialogue options are only extended the first time you talk to an NPC. For example Serafim joins you when you ask him the first time you meet him. If you don’t, he will instead tell you he won’t travel with peasants unless you have high nobility. Why does he join the first time then? It happens with many NPCs. Often you get some additional options the first time you talk with an NPC and afterwards they just refuse to talk with you as if you hadn’t even done the thing that gave the additional options.

    With a few tweaks here or there the game could be perfect, but the way it is now it’s a great game that leaves a bitter feeling at the end.

    PS: For those who asked: The peaceful way to get to Erlein is probably morphing into a cat, because cats don’t get attacked even by enemies.

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