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    Hi there!

    I had an enormous amount of fun playing the game so far, however I’ve read that some choices made have consequences throughout the game.

    Now I’m a bit scared I could have “ruined” my playthrough because of some mistakes I made. I never soul bound anyone, however I did free the Native prisoner in Lumen Targ and send the Ieles there (Stupid me didn’t think they’d kill the whole town). I also didn’t see any other way than fighting to get to Erleins corpse in Corum. Other than that I roleplayed a nice guy.

    Do I actually have a chance to get a positive ending (if there is such a thing) or do I have to live with these hasty made decisions?

    Thanks a lot!



    Update; I actually played through the game by now and Octavian sarcastically called me “hero”, so I guess I got it anyway.

    Since this thread is basically no longer needed I’d like to give it a new purpose and thank the devs for the game! I got really hooked up and it was a great journey. Looking forward to the “expansion” or other games from you two!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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