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    Small update featuring some text and item updates, augmented enemy poison, and some skill/spell updates. This is currently available for all platforms on Steam, patches for standalone (and GOG), and GOG proper will be up probably Monday.

    But first – what’s next before the expansion!

    Our next update we’re looking into an option we have for a post-effect that will reduce the sharp edges in the art — for those of you who have mentioned having strained eyes over a period of time due to the zoom level, this should profoundly help with that. It’s similar to what some graphic drivers and DOS-emulators can do where it blends the pixels together as a sort of noise-reduction. Should be neat for those who’d like to toggle that and see Vol in smooth, fancy visuals!

    Our current solution for that requires Shader Model 3.0 for your graphic driver. So while this will be a toggle in the options, you’ll need (generally) Nvidia cards since 2004, AMD from 2005, and Intel from 2006 to make it work. We’re still testing out options for that, and will make an official announcement if we add that in! We’ll also work on updating the skill/spell tables back into the website.

    Along with new content and gameplay mechanics, the expansion will have any of the heavier tweaks we may need for skills/spells, along with grade 4. Well have more information on that later this year when we announce it!

    Main patch notes:

    • Enemy Posions — changed:

      FROM procing every 5 seconds, 5 rounds at 1d5
      TO procing every 3 seconds, 10 rounds at 1d8.

    • SKILL: Rapid Draw: working as expected in all circumstances
    • SPELL: Arcane Shield: Spell has changed to reflect description (OCC changed to FullOCC)
    • SPELL: Amplify: if stopped during recasting, there is a fringe case where it could stack or stay over the course of the map — fixed.
    • Racial Trait: Disciples: There was an issue where this could override other health boosts from stat distribution during character creation – fixed.
    • SKILL: Pin Shot: fixed description error
    • Gameplay: Possible fix for a fringe case where enemies (who can initiate dialogue) are killed, with auto-pause on (with enemy sighted / not in combat), and are disabled from executing their deaths. Fix in place.
    • Racial Trait: Faithful: description error updated
    • ITEM: Inquisitor Mask updated with description stats
    • UI tweak for Auto-pause toggle appearing correctly
    • Various spelling errors fixed
    • COMPANION: Serafim had a hole in his dialogue events where you could get him in your party after talking to him twice without the necessary Nobility points.
    • Secret room in Hallowed Doors ground visual fixed.





    Thanks for the new update!



    Thanks for the quick fix Joe!



    Awesome, it keeps getting better.



    Thanks Joe! That post-effect enhancement sounds very interesting…
    Also, could you please take a look at one bug I have mentioned before? It’s the one regarding lighting in caves. I’ve noticed that sometimes caves are too bright, and I found out it only happens when you enter one during daytime. The opposite happens when you enter a cave at night; the cave retains the same lighting, hence it’s darker –as it should be.
    I’d really appreciate if you could take a look.. Thanks!

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