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    I seem to have run into a bug with damage calculation. I have Nolos and Filip in the party and after level up to Lv 4 I noticed that they have gained a weird modifier to damage. In the space of the skill modifiers Nolos has a red “-2d-2” and Filip has “-1d-1”. I have no idea where these came from, neither of these characters has any skills that should give negative dmg mogifiers.

    For example, Nolos’ dmg calculation reads “2+2d6-2d-2+1”. That is 2 for STR, 2d6 for weapon, then the weird skill modifier and then proficiency.

    I’m running version 16 under Windows 10.

    Apart from this bug I’m really loving the game thus far and hoping Whalenought lots of success in the future!



    This seems to be a minor glitch after all. I reloaded the game after posting the comment above and found the weird mofidiers gone. Maybe a display glitch?

    Oh and the NPC in question was Notol, not Nolos. That’s what I get from typing too fast. :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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