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    I don’t know if you guys still plan on updating Serpent in the Staglands, I certainly hope so, but I’ll post these just in case.

    1) While managing my inventory, I can’t exchange two items’ positions, I have to move one item into an empty space and them move the other into the first’s position – very tedious stuff.

      Please allow for switching positions of two items in the inventory by dragging one and dropping it on top of another.

    2) I appreciate the in-game manual journal opposed to an automatically-updating journal as it helps my personal immersion in the game by having to write down things of note myself.
    However the journal notes seem to be extremely limited in character space, and you cannot sort them after they’re written making it not-so-convenient and very obtuse.

      Please allow for significantly more character space and ability to switch the sorting positions of the journal notes.
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