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    In celebration of the Winter Solstice and Necholai’s worst after party, we’re ready to release update 17! We’ve been poking at Shroomers and Serpent for a while now to optimize a lot of the behind-the-scenes systems, especially load times. The engine has been updated and with some heavy optimization to art and loading structures we’re looking at 60-70% speed increase. Maps should load in at ~5 seconds, depending on your system or how large the map is.

    Besides that we’ve had some other system updates for stability and content tweaks listed below.

    We have some art and content for the expansion, A Banquet For Fools, that we’re planning on releasing next year. There is the perfect amount of monks, mead and illuminated manuscripts.

    Merry Christmas!
    Joe & Hannah

    Update log:

    * Load time optimization
    * Revamped ammunition system — for fringe cases of some equipped ammo disappearing on game loads

    * Cursor can move off the edge of the screen in windowed mode in Windows

    * Stabilized fringe cases of temporarily de-syncing party order in inventory screen when a member is removed in certain conversations
    * Seraphim will allow you to retry to let him in your party after refusing him.
    * Various dialogue and NPC inventory tweaks

    This version is up on Steam, and GOG should be as soon as they push it live on their end. If the game was purchased on our site DRM free you can also re-download it from your purchases page — that’s automatically updated with the latest version for you.

    We’re depreciating our old patching application, but if you prompt the download on startup it will instead contain an updated game you can swap with your existing one, there’s some brief instructions in the folder if needed.



    Thanks, Joe. Happy Christmas!



    holy spirit, Excellent.

    I start downloading Serpents now, if shorter loading times are true. It would be the best update ever.



    loading time is now max 15 sec (including black screen) – its a big improvement.
    was half minute before and this is big change.



    Thanks! Happy New Year!

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