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    We wanted to get a small update out featuring a suggested addition to the UI we’ve seen by the community, along with addressing some minor UI and visual items.

    Primary update log:

    • *New AI button toggle to turn AI completely off (online manual and tooltips to be updated soon!)
    • Additional hotkeys (R used to be accounted for) added that weren’t available before
    • Possible skill deactivation for some users when entering new maps, fixed
    • Cursor remains visual if scrolling when dialogue starts
    • Ranged user still had opportunity to close distance with target under rare circumstances, fixed
    • Various item description updates for stat accuracy
    • Some overworld map boundaries centered


    Excellent, the bugfixes seem to be compatible with my V9 saves. Thanks for the quick fix.



    Turning Party AI to Off it keeping melee and non-elixir ranged attacks from continuing past the first attack on the same target. They get one swing / volley, and then I have to click the target again to attack. I don’t know if this is intended, but I think characters should continue attacking their target until it dies or they get a new instruction.



    Joe, any updates about linux patching? I still haven’t got any of the patches to apply correctly. Failing that, how about updating the full game download so that it’s fully patched? I don’t want to start playing an unpatched version.



    @ Agris — we’ll change that up, there was a few options we could take with that as far as how docile non-AI was, but we’ll make it more like passive, but they’ll continue to target. Thanks!

    @ bumvelcrowe: We’re continuing to look into this and are getting some more time this week — the downloadable versions are always up-to-date shorty after patches go up, so if the patcher isn’t working you can certainly grab it from there any time!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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