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    @Dark That’s more like it, I agree. A system consisting in wounds and fatigue could be the solution to this. But we could also add the suggestion from @HenitoKisou, regarding Kult: Heretic Kingdoms.
    I think if the developers could add those three, the game could turn more interesting than already is!



    Excellent remarks. Its game-breaking, without cocoon SitS would be chore to play, other healing form should be more substantial – I agree.
    Brilliant ideas. Camping buffs*, wounds – fancy to see them implemented.
    * camping and resting can act like a time to upgrade characters or do some routines (Copper Dreams approach seems right)

    Blood cocoon could work as HP transfer between source and target, in the way that caster is losing his HP and target receiving them with some transmission loss.

    Second line characters are losing HP slower than the front line. Redistribution would still be useful during combat, but Cocoon would no longer be out of combat, substitution of rest.

    To balance it, have to be provide other easy healing – I would choose food items as most convincing common sense choice; warriors eat more than casters (warriors has biggest HP pool, lose more HP as tanks), after combat everybody would eat (if someones get tired he usually eat or sleep), groceries become most important part of backpack.

    + use healing items during pause (forcing arcade game is stillborn idea), allow to use different consumables only once too gain compound benefit (eat fungus, meat, heart + drink potion to gain maximum hp/sec healing).

    Here is my Blood Cocoon mock-up. At each skill level activation, BC heal target for 4 hp, caster lose HP amount depend of skill level. From skill level 10, Cocoon heal more HP than take. Incremental factor is previous skill level time divide by current level time – to show time benefit with each levels (its more/less same).

    level___HP_____to proc.

    0 ____-8 ____9
    1 ____-8 ____8 ____1,13
    2 ____-7 ____8 ____1,00
    3 ____-7 ____7 ____1,14
    4 ____-6 ____7 ____1,00
    5 ____-6 ____6 ____1,17
    6 ____-5 ____6 ____1,00
    7 ____-5 ____5 ____1,20
    8 ____-4 ____5 ____1,00
    9 ____-4 ____4,5 ____1,11
    10 ____-3 ____4,5 ____1,00
    11 ____-3 ____4 ____1,13
    12 ____-2 ____4 ____1,00
    13 ____-2 ____3,5 ____1,14
    14 ____-1 ____3,5 ____1,00
    15 ____-1 ____3 ____1,17

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    A system consisting in wounds and fatigue could be the solution to this. But we could also add the suggestion from @HenitoKisou, regarding Kult: Heretic Kingdoms.

    I would like to play also game with wounds&fatigue, instead HP. Although change like this is rather unimplementable – its better to make new game.

    To adjust SitS system I would add the following rules:
    wounds – if hit roll is >> dodge roll (2 times or more) and attack deal at least 1 dmg, then victim receive Wound condition.*

    Each Wound decrease maximum HP and reduce victim chance to hit. Wound can be patched with item use or medical aid – then wounds no longer ailment hitting chance. But to restore HP pool to maximum size, wound need to be sealed. Each rest in Inn or in the Camp provide increasing % chance to get rid of wound.

    *unfortunately SitS has HP power creep (hp goes from 20 to 100++), so wounds mechanic can not be based on damage taken.

    Also, because constant save/load is annoying, would be good if 0 hp = unconscious, so character can be heal back. Because its “oldschool hardcore” then let unconscious PC character die if receive next damage. Enemies could be less prone to finishing off Noble characters.

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