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    There are some late game encounters and enemies that have been tweaked to add difficulty and some resistances, along with an overhaul of smaller changes and improvements to many of the spells.

    The update list below is a bit long, but besides the gameplay/quest updates, most of it is spell tweaks we’ve been wanting to fix up. Many of these have just had updated language in their descriptions to be more accurate to their output ( like removing proc/duration for spells that end when casting stops), while others had various stability changes or tweaks to their math. You shouldn’t see anything that abruptly changes builds, but improvements overall.

    * Note: The Balance section has some spoilers of enemies in the game

    * GOG-update should be up in a few days

    Update log:


    • Added diagonal direction option to keys (can hold two at once)
    • Various spelling updates in conversations and items


    • Trap re-loading bug in Lumen Caverns fixed
    • Kyrilu dialog endless loop fixed
    • Cave Journal in Ista Cale populates as normal under all conditions


    • Spider summons do less poison damage
    • Goblin summons: -1 Dex
    • Ista Cale Manor and Lighthouse Guards AC, Dex, and Str upgrades
    • Octavian & Mya stat upgrades all around
    • Ice Spider AC upgrade
    • Slavers: Dex upgrade
    • Slaver Cook: Str upgrade
    • Fighting Pits: various Str, Occ upgrades for opponents


    • Nauseate: Cast times updated
    • Strangling Vines: Cast times update
    • Searing Light: initiates hostility
    • Siphon Poisons: skill and proc times now accurately affecting each other
    • Arcane Attack: displays all hit information in game feed, small tweaks
    • Feverish Haze: proc inconsistencies fixed
    • Arcane Shield: Description update
    • Festering Ooze: Description update
    • Morph Into Cat: Description update
    • Morph Into Bats: Movement speed updates, INT-dependent
    • Polymorph into Wolf: weapons disappear under all situations now, duration time fix, various tweaks
    • Hallucinogen: Fixed disappearing enemies (if they travel off screen from fleeing and return)
    • Foul Creep: Stat affliction now works under all circumstances
    • Amplify: augments cast speed as expected
    • Shimmering Scales: Math update
    • Blood Cocoon: Math tweak for healing output
    • Parasitic Orb: General and duration updates
    • Planar Jump: Damage fix for all situations on use
    • Turn to Stone: loops spell cast on miss now (instead of stopping), game feed updated to reflect
    • Magic Shield: Protections end as expected, various stability updates and description in game feed


    Awesome to see a much needed update to the spells. Can’t wait to try it out, especially with the math updates. Just hope GOG gets on it quickly!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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