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    We’re ready to push out the second part of some optimizations we’ve been testing to follow up with our last update.

    Of note:

    * Some maps causing occasional performance hiccups have been fixed
    * Combat performance update
    * Herbology UI has been updated
    * Polymorph Wolf no longer utilizes range of missile weapons equipped
    * Sound and Music levels balanced since last update

    Steam is updated at this time, as well as the new version being available for download through your order page on our site if you got it through us. We’ll be contacting GOG and they should get it up presumably after the weekend.



    Combat performance update

    could You elaborate?



    One question, since this is the first release without the updater working iirc.
    For the GoG version, we just download it (once available) and run the exe, overwriting the last version. Correct?



    Since it looks like you are currently patching up the game (i suppose in preparation for the coming expansion), i thought it might be appreciated if a posted a few bug reports i had observed recently. Please don’t hate me 😀

    I’ve started a playthrough this new year btw, after i never really got around to it during 2016. And i have to say i’m having a bloody great time. Thank you a lot for this gem of a game.



    Why are the forums so dead?

    The steam forums have so many unanswered questions, and this forum has had minimal activity; some subforums haven’t been posted in for months…

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