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    Hello people,

    first I wanted to send a thank you to the two Whalenought people. It is
    really a cool game. I liked the freedom aspect very much. And the most important aspect for me, the atmosphere, was great.

    So to the questions.
    First, I got a message at the end that a save was made for an eventual expansion. Is it the Auto-Save?
    Second, if I uninstall the game, is there an option to keep the saves (when the expansion comes)
    And third, will the saves be compatible with future updates?

    Then a lore question (spoilers):

    I got the “evil” ending. I wasn’t disappointed, I was quite arrogant and bloodthirsty, so it was the natural consequence. Are there other possible endings? I just don’t want to spend another 20 hours for the same outcome.

    Oh, and some bugs that I noticed (spoilers):

    Because I exposed the spicer in Rumen, I couldn’t get peacefully
    inside Lev. Well, I didn’t intend to let those two guards stop me and I forced myself inside. It was not easy so I needed a lot of saves and loads. At one reload, the soldiers went passive again. Then I spoke with Mya and they became all again aggressive (???). It happened actually in another place too, althought I cannot remember exactly where. Oh and my character started to whip himself after a battle a few times. It happened always after casting a lvl3 blood cocoon.

    Thank you people for eventual replies and sorry for my english.

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