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    1. Sometimes when I enter a map I’ve already been in, the fog of war is back. Reloading seems to fix it.

    2. Aren’t Quick Inventory slots supposed to be unique for each character? I only have one set (it’s the same four no matter which character is selected).

    3. It’s very difficult to use abilities like Linguistics on items in the environment because the icon reverts back to default arrow as soon as it rolls over anything, like another character or NPC. So I have to try to position the window just right to know that I can get from the ability icon to the item I want to click without “touching” anything else along the way.

    4. Need an option to trap mouse cursor inside game window. Even if full screen the mouse cursor is not captive, which makes playing with dual monitors very difficult. This can be worked around with third party software, but that’s annoying and the game should handle this itself.

    5. The PDF manual appears to consist entirely of images, not text. This makes it unsearchable and thus it’s very difficult to look anything up.

    6. The Attack command doesn’t seem to work all the time. For example, when I found the fugitives, I was unable to initiate combat with them. I had no choice but to wait for them to talk to me and subsequently shoot first. I’ve already decided I’m physically removing their heads from their necks…my characters have no interest in what they have to say about it. I’d sneak up and do it while they’re asleep if it was mechanically possible. If this is intentional in this spot, seems an odd place for a forced conversation considering it’s not some critical plot moment.

    I’m only about 8 hours in but enjoying the game so far. I’m having a little trouble finding any quest-like stuff that I can actually accomplish though. Seems that I’m limited to clearing maps of wandering monsters to grind levels. The final “bosses” at the end of each quest line I’ve found so far are WAY too much for my current 3rd level party even though I have no trouble wiping through all the enemies in the surrounding areas.

    A couple other non-bug minor feature requests.

    1. Allow partial stacks of items to be sold.
    2. Create a clickable/number-key interface for using Linguistics. Like a conversation tree. The third component of the menu could present a list of valid targets in the immediate area.

    Thanks for a great game and keep up the good work!

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